Early Shang Dynasty Round Carving Triangle Jade Cicada with Convex Eyes


Dimensions: Length 47.5mm (1.87″) Width 32mm (1.26″) Thickness 15mm (0.59″)

Weight: 26g (0.06lb)

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The ancients regarded the cicada as a mysterious and holy spiritual symbol, symbolizing purity, nobility, and psychic.

This jade cicada has a pair of big eyes protruding from the head, and the mouth has a pair of holes, which can be worn. The body of the cicada is inverted triangle, and the tail is raised from the lower abdomen. The lines of the cicada’s wings are engraved with thick concave lines. Although the carving was slightly rough due to the limited tools at the time, the overall was vivid, the lines were firm and smooth.

The jade cicada is bluish white in color, and the whole body has little soak-induced color. There is a very small crack on each side of the body. The surface of the jade cicada is smooth and has a mild patina. There are obvious signs of wearing. It is presumed that it is an accessory that the former owner liked very much.

This kind of jade cicada design is rare and worth collecting.


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