Early Shang Dynasty White Jade Fish-shaped Pendant (a set of three)



A: Length 68mm, Width 23mm, Thickness 6mm

B: Length 64mm, Width 21mm, Thickness 5mm

C: Length 66mm, Width 22mm, Thickness 8mm


A: 15g

B: 12g

C: 19g

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This group of jade fish was made from white jade. and is partially has soak-induced colors. The whole body is nearly trapezoidal, plain, and the fins are carved with short shadow lines on the back of the body. Both sides are decorated with the same pattern. The tail is forked, and the eye is round. There is a round hole at the back of the mouth for wearing.

The overall carving of the jade fish pendant is simple and concise.

The ancients used jade fish as ornaments to show prosperity and years of brimful happiness.

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