Han Dynasty Green Jade Dragon Tortoise Ornament


Dimensions: Length 92mm (3.62″) Width 49mm (1.93″) Height 61mm (2.4″)
Weight: 213g (0.47lb)

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This dragon tortoise is made of green jade. The texture of the jade is sleek and smooth with obvious “rice grains”, brown-red speckle and soak-induced spots.
It has a dragon head and turtle body. It raises the head with flexuous neck. Its limbs bent.
The dragon head faces to the left and is square, with oval eyes looking straight ahead, with a long nose bulging upwards, with open mouth and teeth, the teeth are neatly carved, two pairs of fangs overlap each other.
It has pointed ears. Ganoderma-shaped hyena hair hanging above the neck. Snake-shaped dragon neck has strong muscles. Tall and round tortoise shells that is neatly arranged and finely carved.
The limbs are strong and powerful, with a sense of crawling movement. The tail of the tortoise extends outwards and is curved and oscillating. The process is complex, exigent and extremely difficult.

The overall image of the dragon tortoise is calm, elegant, reveals nobleness and majesty. Its shape is well-proportioned and harmonious, the carving craftsmanship is fine and exquisite, and the lines are smooth and natural. It is a rare jade sculpture art.


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