Han Dynasty Horn-shaped Jade Cup Carved with an Antelope Head


Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 25)
Dimensions: Length 135mm (5.31″) Width 35mm (1.38″) Height 41.5mm (1.63″)
Weight: 158g (0.35lb)

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The color of this jade cup is grayish white. The jade has black spots and impurities inside. There is no cracks and soak-induced colors. It’s surface has a glassy luster.
The cup is horn-shaped, decorated with an antelope. The head of the antelope is carved realistically. The horns extend to the opening of the cup. The forelimbs of the antelope are bent on the ground and the hind limbs replaced by abstract tail feathers. The two sides of the cup are finely carved with phoenix feather patterns. There is a cirrus cloud-like bulge underneath it for bottom-support. The cup rim is decorated with interlaced fine lines.
The inner wall of the jade cup is smooth, translucent, with traces of use.

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