Han Dynasty Jade Sculpture of Double Standing Cranes


Dimensions: Length 60mm (2.36″) Width 26mm (1.02″) Height 110mm (4.33″)
Weight: 111g (0.24lb)

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The crane has been loved by Chinese since ancient times. It symbolizes holiness, elegance, and longevity.

Male and female cranes always be together and follow each other’s steps. They are affectionate but not adulterous, and have high morals.

This pair of jade crane carving is vintage. The whole body has amber-like gemstone luster. The crane has four toes, three toes in the front, and one toe in the back. They stand on top of each other and have slender legs. The crane has a long tail, and its wings are closed. The fan-shaped short feathers and the willow leaf-shaped long feathers overlap each other to present a crane body, crane wings, and crane tail. The length is alternated, and the wing feathers are densely combined with slender lines, delicate and exquisite. Double cranes have their heads up, their necks bent, and the crane’s beak touches lightly, elegant and cozy.


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