Han Dynasty Jade Spice Shovel Decorated with Embossed Lying Bird


This Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 25) embossed jade shovel is vitaged, finely carved, unique in craftsmanship and design, very rare. It is an exquisite utility tool worth collecting.

Dimensions: Length 121mm, Width 86.5mm, Thickness 21mm
Weight: 343g

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This jade shovel is also considered as a color palette. But I personally prefer a shovel for picking up spices or herbs. Because the bottom of the shovel is slightly curved, it will swing back and forth when placed on a flat surface.

The jade shovel is made of green jade. Part of it has rusty soak-induced color deep inside. The interior has flocculent white impurities and black zonate spots. The surface has signs of erosion and wear. The uncorroded part has a patina showing glass luster, and it should be often used by the former owner.

The jade shovel has rounded corners and a wedge-shaped overall shape. There are brushed marks on the outside of the edge, and the front of both sides is decorated with bamboo-shaped patterns.

On the front, there is a convex bird lying on the shovel surface. The jade bird has a wide beak, water drop shaped eyes, a high forehead, a crown on the head, and a pair of ear-like feathers on both sides of the head, which is a unique jade bird style in the Han Dynasty.
The wings of the jade bird are folded, and the long tail, wings, and body are all drawn side by side with thin lines to depict feathers. Fully demonstrates the superb hair-thin carving techniques of the Han Dynasty. There are sediments inside the thin lines. I have cleaned it many times, but these sediments should be accumulated over the years of use, it is difficult to completely remove it.

A few elegant phoenix tail-like feathers are carved along the edge of the bottom of the shovel with deep concave lines. The distribution of the lines is irregular, and it is presumed that the jade craftsman’s ingenuity to cover up the flaws in the jade. It can be seen that the ancients cherished the jade.


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