Han Dynasty Khotan White Jade Bear


Dimensions: Length 41mm (1.61″) Width 26mm (1.02″) Height 23.5mm (0.93″)

Weight: 38g (0.08lb)

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This jade bear is made from a piece of natural Hetian jade material. It is roundly carved into a beautiful, simple and extremely vivid bear. This jade bear has round eyes, straight nose and the ears are pinched along the head. The body is plump. Limbs are slightly bent and walking. From all angles, you can see the roundness, abundance, and dynamic tension presented by curved lines.
The expression is calm, the lips are closed, the eyes are round, the back is reflected by the raised edges and corners. The cheeks, the sides of the legs, and the tail are carved with a new engraving technique called “gossamer hair carving”, which expresses the mane and increases the texture. It clearly reflects that jade articles of the Han Dynasty are developing towards a new natural and realistic style.
There is a through hole drilled in the center of the bear’s body, which can be used for hanging or wearing.
The jade material is fine and dense. The unique polishing technology of the Han Dynasty makes the surface formed into a glassy lustre, and the overall texture is very comfortable.

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