Jade Bi Disk Carved with Inscription on Both Sides


Dimensions: Outer diameter 50.5mm (1.99″) inner diameter 7mm (0.28″) thickness 11.5mm (0.45″)
Weight: 65g

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This jade Bi is made of green jade. The mottled rust soak-induced color has penetrated into the texture which part can not transfer light.

The front and back of the jade bi are carved with 22-character inscriptions, and the text on the two sides is different. It is presumed to be oracle bone inscriptions or bronze inscriptions, that I am incapable of interpreting.

Although the jade bi is finely polished, the traces left by the wire cutting on the edge are still clearly identifiable. Also, the traces of the tube drilled hole in the middle have been eroded over the years, there are still subtle traces that can be identified.

Judging by the size and thickness of this jade bi, it is inferred that it is probably made from the leftover materials left when making jade Cong or other artifacts. It can be seen that the ancients cherished the jade with creativity.




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