Jasper Lying Horse Sculpture Ornament


Size: length 98mm width 41mm height 53mm
Weight: 243g

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This jade horse is dark green with brown soak-induced color all over its body. It has soil erosion marks and wear marks, as if the original coat color of the horse. The surface has a glassy luster. This is a peculiar patina characteristic of the Han Dynasty.

The horse has round eyes, slightly convex outwards, erect ears, thick and neat mane, combed from the top of the head on both sides of the neck. The long tail is flowing, curved on the side, and the four hooves are bent under the body. The jade horse has a strong body. full muscles, well-balanced proportions.

This horse sculptyre style of looking back in a prone position appeared from the pre-Qin period (before 221 B.C.) to the Ming and Qing dynasties. This jade horse was carved extensively, although the details are portrayed, but the craftmanship is not refined. Although there is a glass luster over the surface that peculiar to the jade carvings of the Han Dynasty, but the horse turned back is rare in the Han Dynasty. So there is doubt on the issue of dating.


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