Liao Dynasty White Jade Falcon Pendant


Dimensions: Length 98mm (3.86″) Width 51mm (2.01″) Height 24mm (0.94″)
Weight: 73g

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Hai Dong Qing, also known as “Haiqing Falcon”, etc., is a hunting bird. It can catch swans, wild ducks, rabbits, roe deer and other animals. It is an important helper in hunting, known as the “eagle god.” In the Liao Dynasty, Hai Dong Qing Falcon was used for emperor hunting and regarded as a rare bird. The resulting eagle hunting culture was once flourishing in North China at that time. .

This white jade falcon is a round carved piece. The jade is of excellent quality. It is the finest Hetian white jade. The wings and tail have brown soak-induced color. It has hook-shaped beak, bulging cheeks and protruding eyes. The feathers are attached to the back of the neck, swinging. There is a pair of perforations in the middle section of the feathers for hanging. The wings are folded on both sides of the body, and the tips of the wings overlap on the tail feathers in a soaring and diving position. The wings are decorated with scale and feather patterns. The tail is spread out, slightly curved, and decorated with feather-like patterns that arranged in parallel. A pair of sharp claws carved with single lines on the abdomen curled up on the chest. All the lines are carved in detail and meticulous.

This jade eagle combines round carving, relief carving, and hollow carving etc. manual sculpture craft. The lines are smooth and natural, and the carving is exquisite.


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