Shang Dynasty Double-headed Bizarre Beast Jade Ornament


Dimensions: Length 107mm (4.21″) Width 59mm (1.93″) Thickness 38mm (1.5″)
Weight: 345g (0.76lb)

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This jade ornament is made of greenish jade, delicate jade quality, sufficient weight, and very heavy. The surface has white water soaked colors and orange weathering patterns.

The design of this jade ornament is a two-headed beast. One head has “臣” shaped eyes, a hook-shaped mouth, and a pair of embossed big ears that are carved with curling moire patterns. The beast on this side has embossed cirrus gills and fins, and has lying limbs.
On the other side, the beast’s head has a flat face with ridges, and a pair of giant eyes with protruding eyballs. It also has cirrus moire gills or fins.
The whole body of the jade beast is decorated with concise and smooth intaglio moiré patterns and shield patterns.

There is a huge pipe drill hole in the middle of the jade beast. It can be tied with a thicker rope. Usually, this type of jade-ware is used to hang on the corners of curtains or gauze tents to prevent wind and fix it.

The bizarre double-headed sea beast is full of imagination and mystery, which reflects people’s reverence for the sea and the sea god at that time.


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