Shang Dynasty Flat Exotic Animal-shaped Jade Paper-weight


Dimensions: Length 71mm (2.8″) Width 34mm (1.34″) Height 50mm (1.97″)
Weight: 119g (0.26lb)

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This jade paper-weight is made of gray jade. The jade quality is very good. The back of the jade beast has a slight orange soak-induced color and the whole body is slick and smooth.

The jade beast has a pointed face, big eyes, thick eyebrows, prone limbs, and a bird tail. It’s back is decorated with curling moire pattern. The carving lines are simple and smooth, not complicated but detailed. There is a dimple at each side of the mouth, very cute.

Paper-weight can usually be placed on the desk as a decoration, or it can be pressed against the silk fabric to prevent sliding.


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