Shang Dynasty Human-head-shaped Ornament-A


Dimensions: Width 71mm (2.8″) Height 54mm (2.13″) Thickness 13mm (0.51″)

Weight: 67g (0.15lb)

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This jade human-head adornment belongs to the late Shang style. The front is slightly arched and engraved with a human face. Huge eyes carved with jujube-shaped double line, three-dimensional garlic nose, square mouth, exposed teeth, and a pair of fangs. The ears stretches out exaggeratedly, and the earlobe has holes. There is a crown on the head, and the crown has a decorative pattern carved with fine curved lines. The back is flat, and is carved with four-character oracle inscriptions. The jade head has a through hole from top to bottom, which can be used to wear as decoration. The holes in the pierced ears can also be used to sew on clothes.

The whole body of jade covered with red, orange, yellow, black soak-induced colors, which overlapping each other. Blood vessel-like slim lines can be seen under the light. The surface is polished and smooth, the edges and corners have obvious traces of use and waering.

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