Shang Dynasty Inscribed Jade Mask


Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 B.C.)
Dimensions: Width 116mm (4.57″) Height 74mm (2.91″) Thickness 7mm (0.28″)
Weight: 169g (0.37lb)

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This mask is made of local jade, with twisted,fibrillar weathering patterns on the surface, and orange, brown, white soak-induced colors. The mask is polished well and has a smooth baby skin touch. The mask is curved. The front is a warrior face that carved with double concave lines. He has big eyes on the face and holes in the pupils. Garlic shaped nose, square mouth, exposed teeth, and a pair of fangs. The earlobes are worn with round earrings. The head is equipped with a helmet decorated with double line cloud and hook patterns. The helmet extends to both sides and carved out hook-like decoration. There are holes on both sides of the top corners of the helmet, which can be used for hanging. Or together with the earring holes and the pupils, it can be stitched on the armor.

The back of the mask is engraved with a nine-character inscription.

The hollow part of this mask has obvious traces of wire cutting. It has horn-shaped holes too. Which are the most advanced jade-making technology at that time.


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