Shang Dynasty Jade Bent Knees Buffalo with Inscription


Dimensions: Length 72mm (2.83″) Width 62mm (2.44″) Thickness 33mm (1.3″)
Weight: 216g (0.48lb)

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The ancestors of the Shang dynasty used cattle, sheep, dogs, pigs and other domestic animals as their sacrifices.The sacrifice rituals made according to the images of these animals were often complicated and exquisite.

This jade buffalo belongs to the abstract style of the Shang Dynasty. It is round carved with greenish jade. It has four legs, bent knees in a prone position and has cloven hoofs. The body is engraved with double-line engraved moiré patterns and shield-shaped patterns. “臣” shaped eyes. The horns are embossed, engraved with the “人” shaped pattern, with ears under both sides of the corners. A five-character inscription is smoothly engraved on the abdomen.

The soak induced color of the jade buffalo is light yellow and orange. The left side is greenish black that soaked by mercury and bright silver spots on the surface. The jade is mild, smooth, and has patina. Palm-sized and moderate in weight, it is very suitable for holding.


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