Shang Dynasty Jade Pitcher with Phoenix Pattern and Tiger Handle


Dimensions: Length 124mm (4.88″) Width 64mm (2.52″) Height 101mm (3.98″)
Weight: 354g (0.78lb)

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“Gong”-a popular wine vessel in the late Shang Dynasty, often used in ceremonies to worship ancestors and gods.

This object is light brown, made of local jade, the whole body is covered by soak-induced color, The inside and outside are polished very finely, and there is a layer of mild patina.

A phoenix bird is engraved on both sides of the body, with an upturned beak, round eyes, long crown, two wings closed on both sides of the body, two claws extended forward, and a gorgeous double concave line carved phoenix tail formed by cirrus moire patterns behind it.
There are twelve-character inscriptions on the circle feet. There are words such as “King”, “Sun”, “Salute”, “Ceremony”, etc. It should be a sacrificial vessel undoubtedly.

The handle of the vessel is in the shape of a sculpted tiger. The tiger has fierce-looking mouth, round eyes and crouched ears. The back muscles of the tiger are raised, decorated with shield patterns, and the joints are decorated by double shade lines of curling moire. The tiger’s tail is thick and powerful, The tail has concave lines depicting tiger skin patterns. The overall carving is very serious.

The whole vessel is decorated with gorgeous decorations, embossed, high-relief, and round carvings. It is very exquisite, and the vessel is smooth and atmospheric, reflecting the superb craftsmanship of the craftsmen of the Shang Dynasty and the romantic inner world of the people of that period.


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