Shang Dynasty Jade Seal-set with Beast Seal and Dragon Base


Seal: Length 51.5mm (2.03″) Width 46mm (1.8″) Height 32mm (1.26″)
Base:Length 98mm (3.86″) Width 92mm (3.62″) Height 41mm (1.6″)

Seal: 130g(0.29lb)
Base: 526g(1.16lb)

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This Seal-set is made of greenish white jade. It’s surface has dark brown, rusty, orange-red and other mottled soak-induced colors. There is a soil erosion mark of about 40mm on the left.
The base part is a dragon with curled tail. The dragon’s head is slightly raised, the mushroom-shaped horns lie down. It has the “臣”-shaped eyes, the eyeballs are protruding. The mouth is exposed. The fangs and huge mouths are hollow out by pipe drilling. The two feet of the dragon are protruding under the head. The tail is coiled on the right side of the body, and the middle part is hollowed out to hold the jade seal. The dragon’s body is decorated with double-line diamond patterns that representing the dragon scales. The back is a set of twisted continuous rectangular lines extending all the way to the tail and finally ended by a thick spiral double concave line. There are shield patterns on the side of the face, and the double-line moiré represents the joints. The bottom of the jade dragon is engraved with an eight-character inscription.
A small beast is lying prone on the seal, the ears stand backwards, the “回”-shaped eyes protrude outward, and the flat head has a wide mouth. The body of the jade beast is symmetrically decorated with double concave line moiré patterns. There is a through hole under the abdomen for tether and tassel. The seal is a five-character inscription.

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