Shang Dynasty Jade Seal with Handle of Round Carved Owl and Dragon


Dimensions: Length 112mm (4.41″) Width 71mm (2.8″) Height 78mm (3.07″)
Weight: 1039g (2.29lb)

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This jade seal is in yellowish brown, with weathered patterns on the surface.
The eleven-character inscription is engraved on the jade seal. The characters are clear, neat, smooth, and fluent.
The seal handle is a combination of a dragon and an owl. The shape and decorative patterns are all standard and classic form in the Shang Dynasty. The size of the seal button is just the right size that is suitable for an adult male to hold with one hand.
The dragon head has mushroom-shaped double horns, “臣” shaped eyes, protruding eyeballs, with open mouth and teeth. The fangs and huge mouth are hollow out by pipe drilling. There are shield-shaped patterns on the side of the face, and double shade-line hooks and moires represent joints. The two dragons The feet are stretched under the head, the body is curved to the right, with teeth like ridges, and the whole body is decorated with diamond patterns to represent dragon scales.
The owl faces the dragon, and the mouth and the front side of the body are connected with the dragon body. There is a hole in the middle to tie the tassel. It’s body is decorated with double shae-line hook shaped patterns. The tail is slightly tilted.


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