Shang Dynasty Jade Seal with Handle of Two Figures Sitting on Heels Back-to-Back


The jade seals of the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC) usually use round-carved animals or human figures as the seal top. This pair of kneeling jade men is a representative of the figure of this period. The combination of abstraction and realism expresses the physical characteristics of the characters vividly-clothing, hair style, posture, etc.

Dimensions: Length 69.5mm (2.74″) Width 41mm (1.61″) Height 53mm (2.09″)
Weight: 243g

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This jade seal is made of white jade. It has orange soak-induced colors, black spots, and orange peel textures on the surface.
The handle is a pair of jade men sitting back to back. The two jade men are similar in appearance. Both sit on heels with their hands on their knees. The hair is braided and coiled on top with a hoop-shaped hair restrainer on their heads, like a flat crown. A cylinder-shaped hair-ornament is above the forehead.
The face is relatively flat, the pointed chin is slightly curled upward. They have “臣” shaped big eyes, convex carving wide nose and small mouth, square ears, and the expression is solemn.
The body is decorated with double decorative lines.
Their back are connected by a pair of handles or ribbons with one large and one small holes on it, which can be used to tie the lanyard.

The jade seal is skillfullly engraved with eight characters, and the writing strokes are sleek.


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