Shang Dynasty Prone Cattle Jade Pendant


Dimensions: Length 74mm (2.91″) Width 32mm (1.26″) Thickness 12mm (0.47″)
Weight: 52g

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This jade cattle is in greenish white color, with silky amber stains, and the soak-induced amber color on the left leg is slightly heavier with soil erosion pits. The jade is mild with patina.

The pendant is in flat shape, prone to swim. The back is embossed with double hook lines to depict the double horns, and the double horns are decorated with net patterns. It has “臣” shaped eyes, the nose as curling moire. Four feet with cloven hoofs. There is a short pointed tail on the back. The body is decorated with reticulated patterns and cirrus patterns. The abdomen is full, and both sides are decorated with fine reticulated patterns.

There is a hole drilled in the middle of the cattle’s body, which can be used to hang on the bottom of valances and gauze tents. Its bottom is flat, so it can fall steadily on the ground or on the mat.


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