Shang Dynasty Round Carved Jade Owl with Ox-horned Head and Inscriptions on the Back


Dimensions: Height 64mm (2.52″) Left and right 24.5mm (0.96″) Front and back 26mm (1.02″)

Weight: 68g (0.15lb)

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This jade owl is a rare masterpiece!
The quality of jade and the workmanship reflect the highest level of jade carving craftsmanship and artistic level in the late Shang period.
Its face is classical, thick eyebrows, big eyes, garlic nose and a small mouth. It has horns on the head. A pair of opposite holes on the back of the head, which can be hung or worn.
The wings are close together, decorated with curling llines that is cut out with delicate double shade lines.
The chest is decorated with feather-like patterns. There are inscription on the back, which should be the name or position of this man.
The legs are upright, slightly curved, and decorated with double curling lines too. Human feet, the back of the feet are raised up, symbolizing the sharp claws of the owl. The tail is drooping to the same level of the feet, so that the jade owl can stand steadily.

This jade owl has a texture like amber gemstones, and the surface is mild with patina. The whole body has smooth, sleek decorative lines and finely polished. The hollowing skill is meticulous. It is definitely made by a grandmaster.


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