Shang Dynasty Sea Monsyer Jade Ornaments


Dimensions: Length 95mm (3.74″) Width 49mm (1.93″) Height 46.5mm (1.83″)
Weight: 267g (0.59lb)

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This jade ornament is made of good quality greenish jade, very heavy. The surface covered with brownish-yellow soak-induced color and white eroded marks and crystals.

The shape of the sea monster resembles a monkfish or a whale. It has a huge mouth with pipe-dilled serrated fangs in the mouth. A pair of huge eyes with convex eyeballs. The nose is embossed, and the bridge of the nose extends to the eyebrows. On the head There are tadpole-like ears. There are embossed upward curling fins under the gills. There are a pair of hind limbs, in a squatting outfit, with two claws buckled inward, and each hind limbs also have upward curling fins. The tail is stubby and curled up.
The whole body is decorated with double concave line hook-like, corrugated lines.
There is a pair of horn holes on the back of the sea beast’s body, which can be used to tie the rope. There is a groove on the back, which can be inserted and fixed wedge-shaped objects.
There is also a possibility that the back is originally inserted with raised fins, then this sea beast may also be a shark.

I personally speculate that this jade-ware is used to hang on the corners of curtains or gauze tents to prevent wind and fix it.

The shape of this sea beast is exaggerated, full of imagination and mystery, which reflects people’s careful observation and awe of nature at that time.

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