Shang Dynasty White Jade Lying Bird


Dimensions: Length 67.5mm (2.66″) Width 41mm (1.61″) Thickness 15mm (0.59″)

Weight: 66g (0.15lb)

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A typical Shang dynasty white jade bird. Double shade-lined big round eyes, hook-shaped beak with perforations for wearing or hanging. The bird’s abdomen is flat and can also be used as paperweight. The bird’s wings are decorated with double shade-line rolling cloud patterns and ears grain. The whole body lines are smooth and elegant, meticulous and neat. It fully reflects the skill of carving and meticulous ingenuity.

The jade is vintage, with partial texture changes and white misty soak-induced color. A little bit of touch on the surface will show an oily patina, which is very good for wearing and playing.


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