Shang Dynasty White Jade Tiger with Inscription Carved on Shoulders


Dimensions: Length 82mm (3.23″) Width 21mm (0.83″) Height 30.5mm (1.2″)

Weight: 84g (0.19lb)

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This white jade crouching tiger is made of fine white jade. The texture is great. The torso is decorated with a typical Shang dynasty double-shade line patterns, the back is bulging, the muscles are full and decorated with shield-like patterns. Both shoulders are engraved with inscription. Large “臣” shaped eyes, the ears stand on head, and the tiger’s mouth opens up to make a roar. There are pipe drill marks inside the mouth to represent sharp teeth. There is a pair of perforations in the middle of the body for wearing or hanging. The left side of the jade tiger has black soak-induced color and slight traces of soil corrosion. The whole body is oily and patina. The jade tiger is a beast of military power respected by ancient Chinese. It can drive away evil and avoid evil.


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Weight84 g
Dimensions82 × 21 × 30.5 mm


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