Spring and Autumn Period Jade Monster Face Pendant with Turquoise Eyes-A


Dimensions: Length 49.5mm (1.95″) Width 40mm (1.57″) Thickness 12mm (0.47″)
Weight: 49g (0.11lb)

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This white jade beast face pendant has soak-induced rust color. It is inverted trapezoid. The frontal beast face is arched and raised with S-shaped pattern, C-shaped pattern represents the horned crown, double long eyebrows, cirrus nose, oval eyes(typical Spring and Autumn period decoration style. Oval eyes style began in the Western Zhou Dynasty, more common inspring and autumn period.) The special feature of this monster face is that the center of it’s eyes is turquoise. Eyes are sharp and sparkled.
The upper part of the moster face is carved with deep and shallow shadow lines to sculpt the deformed cirrus clouds and filled with fish scale patterns. In the middle, a cicada is embossed. The cicada wings, eyes are carved with fine concave lines. The head of the cicada represented by a fishnet pattern. Symbol Rebirth.
This jade pendant has through holes at the top and bottom, which can be worn as ornaments.


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