Spring and Autumn Period Jade Tiger Decorated with Embossed Patterns


This jade tiger is a masterpiece representing the top jade carving craftsmanship of the Spring and Autumn Period(770-476 B.C.)!

Size: Length 78mm, Width 39mm, Height 42mm
Weight: 149g

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This jade tiger is made of high-quality Hetian white jade. The whole body is in soak-induced amber color, and some parts are in burgundy color. It has a gem-like crystal luster and patina.
The jade tiger is squatting with its back bulging up, one claw on the ground, one claw up, just like it is going to pounce onto the back of its prey.
The tiger’s eyes are wide, round ears, bulging cheeks, and a large mouth with serrated fangs. It is very ferocious. The tiger tail that carved with twisted lines curls up behind, swinging.
The whole body of the jade tiger is fully carved with embossed cloud-ear-shaped patterns,which is popular in the Spring and Autumn Period. A cloud-piercing dragon pattern composed of sleek scribed lines runs through it. A gluttonous beast face pattern is engraved on the back of the tiger. The overall carving process is extremely gorgeous, detailed and delicate.
The shape is vivid, solemn and fierce yet alive.


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