Spring and Autumn Period Twisted design Jade Hook-shaped Dragon Pendant


Dimensions: Length 93mm (3.66″) Width 41mm (1.61″) Thickness 10mm (0.39″)

Weight: 33g (0.07lb)

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The twisted pattern is also called Jomon, etc. It is named because of its yin and yang lines(convex and concave lines), which are shaped like twisted strands. The Spring and Autumn and Warring States period was the heyday of twisting design jade. This design was used by the nobles. The rope pattern is dense, with a 360-degree twisted circle. This dragon-shaped jade pendant is exquisitely carved and has a full sense of three-dimensionality. It has a hook-shaped tail, with an upturned nose, and an elegant upturned horn on the top of the head. The teeth of the mouth are closed to form a hole that can be hung and worn. The filamentary orange-red soak-induced color covers the twisted patterns.


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