Tang Dynasty Gilt-painted Hetian White Jade Lady


Length: Height 86mm(3.4″) Left to right 23mm(0.9″) Front to back 18mm(0.7″)

Weight: 44g (0.1lb)

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This lady’s sculpture is made from fine Hetian white jade. It is painted with gilt. Some of the painting peels off and show the original jade material. The paint and gilt are brightly colored but covered with rust stains.
She wears the classic woman hair bun style of Tang Dynasty. Black painted hair with gilt ornaments. The lady is dressed in a gilded red gown and green long skirt. The RuYi she holds in her hand also reveals the original color of white jade.
The lady’s face, neck, and feet reveal the original jade material. From the perspective of her face and figure, the lady is plump but not bloated, with dignified and feminine beauty, outstanding charm, graceful and youthful.
She tilts her face slightly to the left, her face is round and full, lifelike, her eyes are radiant, and her lips are smiling.
Fully demonstrated the charm of beauties in the Tang Dynasty.


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