Warring States Period Jade Cong Shaped Ancient Bead Necklace


Totally 25pcs
Total weight: 195g, each bead weighs about 7~9g
The size of a single piece is approximately: length 28mm, width 12mm

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The exact age of this necklace cannot be confirmed, but it is similar to the Cong-shaped pendant in the Warring States period that I have seen before.
The necklace is composed of 25pcs Cong-shaped ancient beads of similar size, and each ancient bead is a solid mini jade Cong, which middle part is square and upper and lower edges are rounded.

The material should be some kind of local jade, brownish yellow, and some beads have orange red soak-induced spots.

This group of jade Congs are wire-cut specimens. Each jade cong can see the traces of wire-cutting and standard Ting drilling holes. Very rare.

The entire necklace weighs close to 200g, which is relatively heavy. It can be disassembled separately and rematched. Each jade cong is a beautiful pendant. Simple and elegant, with unique charm.


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