Warring States Period Jade Gui Scepter Carved with Beast Face Pattern-A


Dimensions: Length 93mm (3.66″) Width 36mm (1.42″) Thickness 9mm (0.35″)
Weight: 54g (0.12lb)

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The standard pointed head shape Gui was first seen in the Shang Dynasty and prevailed in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It is usually the ritual utensil of ancient emperors or nobility who worshipping the ancestors or show identity.

This jade has a mottled amber soak-induced color. There are obvious traces of use. The back surface is smooth. The front is engraved with raised moire patterns. The left and right sides are symmetrically connected at the top. There are thin line decorations in between.
A beast face pattern is engraved in the middle: double long eyebrows, oval eyes, beast nose and huge mouth represented by moiré patterns. Below the animal face are four thick concave lines.
There are holes in the bottom of the Jade Gui to hang accessories or pendant ropes.

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