Warring States Period Jade Tiger Ornament with Artful Soak-induced Colors

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This jade tiger has artful soak-induced colors with smooth body lines, slender and elegant, exaggerated yet balanced, extremely dynamic.

Dimensions: Length 206mm (8.11″) Width 24mm (0.94″) Height 39mm (1.54″)
Weight: 241g

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The whole body of this jade tiger is reddish brown, and the back has variegated soak-induced color like the color of animal fur, which is very beautiful.

The jade tiger has a slender figure, bowed head, prostrate, hind legs are on the ground, thick tail drooping, and tail tip upturned.

The tiger opens its mouth and leaks its teeth, round eyes, clouded eyebrows, high forehead, upturned ears with protruding ear tips. Hyena hairs are scattered on the back of the neck, and the tips of the hair are curled up.
There are three thick shade-line decorative patterns on the back, which are deep, extending from the back to the tail. Both sides of the body are carved with cloud-shaped patterns with hairthin shade-lines. The forelegs are prostrating, the hind limbs are on the ground, and the limbs are densely decorated with hairlines.


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