Warring States Period Turquoise Inlaid S-shaped Dragon Jade Pendant


Set of Three

Size and Weight:

A: Length 82.5mm, Width 40mm, Thickness 6mm
Weight: 26g
B: Length 95mm, Width 47mm, Thickness 6mm
Weight: 36g
C: Length 94mm, Width 35mm, Thickness 6mm
Weight: 28g

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This set of S-shaped dragon pendants are flat, with a long and slender S-shaped curved body. The dragon is looking back and and has curling tail, abstract dragon claws. The dragon nose, mouth, eyes, feet and tail are depicted by rolling cloud patterns. Upper lip roll-up, one curling horn, the lower end of the tail curls inward, splits into two, and rotates upwards and downwards. Subtly and concisely portraying the dragon’s vigorous inner spirit and the flowing beauty of curves.

The special feature of this group of dragon pendant is that all of them are inlaid with turquoise particles on both sides, and the entire surface is highly polished. The turquoise particles are completely embedded into the surface of the dragon like dragon scales. The luminous cyan spots are extremely gorgeous through the light.

This turquoise inlay process is extremely difficult, and it is difficult to imitate even today. We have to admire the craftsmanship and aesthetic taste of the ancients.


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