Western Zhou Dynasty Flat Long Crown Jade Phoenix Bird Pendent


Dimensions: Length 61mm (2.4″) Width 38mm (1.5″) Thickness 7mm (0.28″)

Weight: 34g (0.075lb)

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This jade bird is a classic piece work of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Flat; same patterns on both sides. The big round eyes and wing lines of a slope carving are smooth and chic. A hole drilled on the the mouth for wearing. The head has a long crown, and the hollow part of the long crown has obvious traces of line cutting. Some of the soak-induced color is deep into the jade, and there is a slight “rice oozing” on the abdomen. The surface of the jade bird is polished and smooth, with a glossy patina and obvious signs of use and wearing. It should be an adornment that the former owner liked and often worn.


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