Western Zhou Dynasty Jade Pendant Dragon Pei with Soak-induced Amber Colour


Inner diameter: 26mm (1.02″)

Outer diameter: 51mm(2″)

Thickness: 5.5mm (0.22″)

Weight: 24g (0.05lb)

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This jade pendant is a rare specimen of shade-line carving techniques of Western Zhou Dynasty. The front and back sides of the dragon totem are both carved with shade-line techniques . Dragon scales, dragon claws, dragon horns, dragon eyes, each line is chic and smooth, and you can see the carving technique is skillful and experienced. The big “臣” shaped eyes and the mushroom horn inherited the characteristics of the Shang Dynasty dragon. This jade Pei is made of light greenish white jade. The dragon’s body is now changed into soak-induced amber color. The surface covered with delicate orange peel texture, which is extremely beautiful.

If some ancient jade looks deeply attracted at a glance, then this jade dragon pendant will definitely give you such a feeling. It looks comfortable at a glance, not dazzling. It is gentle, introverted, and different.

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