Western Zhou Dynasty Round Carving Jade Crane Ornament


Late Western Zhou Dynasty (1046-771 B.C.)
Dimensions: Length 72mm (2.83″) Width 34mm (1.34″) Height 49mm (1.93″)
Weight: 122g

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The whole body of this jade crane is dark brown, partially has rusty and black soak-induced colors.

The jade crane is looking back, and its long beak falls on the wings as if to rearrange its feathers. The feet are squatting forward under the chest, which are on a flat surface with the tail feathers.
The jade crane has a long neck, long beak, and round eyes. The whole body is decorated with double concave feather lines by oblique knife carvings. The tail has the texture of the tail feathers drawn by double concave lines, and the neck has feathers composed of side-by-side inscribed lines, which seems to be fluttering.

This jade crane should be in the style of the late Western Zhou Dynasty. The style of jade carvings has gradually transitioned from abstract to realistic. It not only retains the style of birds in the Shang Dynasty, but also has bold innovations in decorative lines, postures, and themes. It is a fine piece of artwork. A collection of unique jade carvings.


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