Western Zhou Dynasty white jade silkworm with pointed tail, convex eyes and curved bow body with rectangular surface


Dimensions: Length 110mm (4.33″) Width 16.5mm (0.65″) Thickness 11.5mm (0.45″)

Weight: 34g (0.07lb)

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Sericulture and silk, which originated in China, shaped the clothing culture of the entire China cultural circle, and is still a cultural symbol of China and the East. Therefore, the “sericulture” worship that has arisen from clothing demand is inevitable in China.
There are also hieroglyphs such as silkworm, mulberry, silk and silk in the oracle bone inscriptions and records of offering sacrifices to the silkworm gods, indicating that there had been quite developed silkworm breeding and silk weaving in the Yellow River Basin in the Shang Dynasty. It was the Western Zhou Dynasty that followed the Shang Dynasty that really brought the love for jade silkworms to the extreme.
Silkworm is one of the most common jade themes in the Western Zhou Dynasty. The Western Zhou Dynasty was the most popular period of jade silkworm. Many mythological details about sericulture and silk worship may have been officially finalized and systemicized in the Western Zhou Dynasty.
It can be seen that the sacrifice to the silkworm god in the Western Zhou Dynasty had become a fixed etiquette and was written at that time. Since then, almost every dynasty will write “the first silkworm ceremony” in the ceremonies.

This jade silkworm is made of white jade. The jade is fine and oily without impurities. It is a top-quality jade. The body surface of the jade silkworm is rectangular and flat, with a pair of convex eyes on the head, and a pair of perforations on the back of the eye for wearing. The silkworm body is slightly curved bow in shape. it’s tail inwardly warped. The whole jade silkworm is finely polished. Part of the jade silkworm has slightly soak-induced orange colour. The whole body has a matte texture luster. In addition, this jade silkworm is 110mm (4.33″) in length and is a very rare “giant” jade silkworm. It is worth collecting.


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