Western Zhou White Jade Fish-A


Dimensions: Length 175mm (6.89″) Width 17mm (0.67″) Thickness 6mm (0.24″)

Weight: 21g (0.05lb)

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The Chinese nation has a tradition of loving and worshipping jade. Because “fish” and “surplus” are homophonic in Chinese, meaning “Years of Brimful Happiness”, ornaments with fish as the theme have become popular since the Shang and Zhou Dynasties.

This jade fish is estimated made in the middle Western Zhou Dynasty. The eyes are carved into a large round shape with a thick shade line. The upper part of the mouth of the fish is pointed upwards, and the front edge extends downward obliquely, resembling an axe. The dorsal fin is not protruding from the fish body, and the lower edge of the dorsal fin is highlighted with a concave line. The tail is protruding up and down, inclined to the ground, with a “V” opening in the middle.

This jade fish is in plate form. Although it has been polished, the line cutting traces can still be clearly seen at the cut surface. The fish body is highly polished, very smooth, and has obvious glassy lustre coating.

It is made of white jade, which contains some black spot-like impurities. Although it is not perfect, it happens to resemble the black spots on the surface of a fish. Very vivid and interesting. There is a small hole in the mouth of the fish for wearing, and it could be a scattered part of classical Jade Accessories Combination.

This jade fish is slender in size, well preserved, and is made with typical craftsmanship. It is a rare collection of Western Zhou jade fish.


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