Zhou Dynasty Celestial Deer with Convex Eyes Jade Ornament


Dimensions: Length 143mm (5.63″) Width 24.5mm (0.96″) Height 43mm (1.69″)
Weight: 185g (0.41lb)

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Tianlu-Celestial Deer, is an auspicious beast, which resembles a deer with a long tail and double horns.

The surface of this jade sculpture has a brown misty soak-induced color. The eyes are convex and the mouth is open. There are round holes in the mouth to show the teeth. The antlers extend upwards, close to the back of the neck, and each has three hook-like bifurcations. The head and neck are down. The body is slender with muscular bulges. The tail is rolled backwards, thick and powerful, and a perforation at the end of the tail can be used to tie the rope. The limbs are upright and bent forward.

The whole body is carved with hook-shaped patterns, cirrus patterns, and oval markings with double incline lines to show auspiciousness, mystery, and nobleness.

This jade sculpture represents skilled carving techniques, superb craftsmanship, smooth lines, exaggerated and harmonious shapes. It is a representative work of jade carvings in the late Western Zhou Dynasty.


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