Zhou Dynasty Jade Bird Ornament with Spread Wings


Dimensions: Length 51mm (2″) Width 58mm (2.28″) Thickness 11mm (0.43″)
Weight: 53g

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This jade bird is made of white jade The whole body is covered with orange-red soak-induced color, and there is a dark brown soak-induced color that penetrates into the jade near the head. There are traces of soil erosion on the surface.

The jade bird has a flat shape and is in soaring position. Double doncave lines carved round eyes, with arrow-shaped feathers in the middle of the eyes. There is a convex horn-shaped crown on the back of the head. The short beak extends forward, and the side of the beak has a pair of drill holes can be used for hanging or wearing. The wings are spread out and decorated with double concave line hook-moiré and thunder patterns. The tail part is forked, and there are side-by-side shade line tail feathers.

The abdomen of the bird is flat, and there are bird claws represented by a symmetrical double concave line moire patterns.

This jade bird ornament is of excellent quality, meticulously carved and ornately decorated. It uses the representative “double concave line” carving method of the Shang Dynasty and has the remarkable “one side slope” oblique knife technique of the Western Zhou period. It is a masterpiece worthy of collection.

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