Zhou Dynasty Phoenix Pattern Jade Jue-Slit Earring


Dimensions: Outer diameter 41mm (1.61″) Inner diameter 10mm (0.39″) Thickness 4.5mm (0.18″)

Weight: 12g (0.03lb)

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This jade Jue is in the shape of a round piece with one side open. The two sides use simple feather patterns to abstract the phoenix bird totem. The overall figure is simple and only the combination of lines is used to summarize the whole body of the bird. There are not too many details in the whole, only the changes in thickness, width, and narrowness show the vivid and complete form of the phoenix bird. All the lines embody the typical shade-line carving techniques of the Zhou Dynasty, and the lines are firm and smooth.

In the oracle bone inscriptions, the wind and the phoenix are in the same shape, indicating that the bird god is the god of wind. Since the wind moves in an arc or spiral, the phoenix bird coiled on the Jue is out of imitation of the wind.

The jade jue is mottled in soak-induced brownish-red color. It corresponds to the auspicious intention of “phoenix rising”.


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